Try Mayan and Central American Dishes at Los Mayas Café - Creekstone Apartments
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You can’t get more authentic than old family recipes, and that’s just what the chefs at Los Mayas Café are using. A true family business, Los Mayas Café offers friendly service, affordable prices and authentic flavors.

Los Mayas Café serves up traditional Mayan and Central American meals alongside familiar Mexican favorites. You may want to stay in your comfort zone with well-known dishes like enchiladas, tacos, and carne asada, or be adventurous and try the Mayan Chicken with crispy fried banana chips. Start your meal with a unique treat like the pastelito, a corn empanada stuffed with ground beef and rice. There are even specials just about every day of the week to save you some dough when you dine here.

Los Mayas Café is open seven days a week.


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