Warm Up With a Steaming Bowl of Soup at Life Pho - Creekstone Apartments
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The menu at Life Pho is pretty simple: you'll find about a dozen different varieties of pho with your choice of toppings and ingredients. The kitchen at this popular Severna Park restaurant chooses to focus on doing one thing really, really well, and the Yelp reviews for Life Pho suggest that it's working!

What's all the hype about at Life Pho? Basically, it comes down to broth quality. The broths here are made in-house and slow-simmered with various herbs and spices until they reach peak aroma. Then, the cooks add whatever combination of meats and veggies you've chosen.

Insider tip: this restaurant offers discounts for teachers, members of the military, and more. Be sure to ask if you qualify!


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